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Running Mindfully

As runners, we know there’s something special about our state of mind when we run, and the effect on our mood and our daily lives. In fact, I believe there are two mental states. I call them Mindless and Mindful. Mindless running is like daydreaming. The mind is chattering but it’s a stream-of-consciousness free-flow – … read more →





When I was at university, I ran the first couple of City to Surf fun runs and played a few different sports. I ran my first marathon in 1981. Three years later, alcohol became a part of my life. Part of the problem with alcohol abuse is that you lose your self-respect. You tell yourself … read more →



Being in the Moment

Where does your mind go on a long run? In this story: Jane Trumper, Martin Pluss and Tim Turner.


Two Packets of Sugar

In March 2006, my parents sat us down for a very serious family meeting. A string of soft, hesitant, regretful words: Dad wouldn’t be coming home for weekends any more. He was moving away permanently. I was disillusioned and angry and fifteen years old. My outlook changed: I became critical of my friends and myself … read more →