This is Why I Run


We love Zac

My passion is learning; mostly through running, the outdoors, reading, spending time with people and writing - but they're good ends in themselves too!



I sat at my desk, squirming.

4:39 pm on the computer’s clock.

The call-centre buzzed with life, everyone was chattering madly, answering questions and addressing callers’ anger.

Tepid, conditioned air lay heavy on me, stinging my nose and closing my throat.

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Two Packets of Sugar

In March 2006, my parents sat us down for a very serious family meeting. A string of soft, hesitant, regretful words: Dad wouldn’t be coming home for weekends any more. He was moving away permanently. I was disillusioned and angry and fifteen years old. My outlook changed: I became critical of my friends and myself … read more →