This is Why I Run

About us

We are runners who know that your times aren’t the whole story in the race.

We know that it’s not your gear that gets you out training every day.

It’s what’s in your heart.

This is the place for the rest of what we know about running. The things that make us who we are, the things that push us to be more than we thought possible.

These are the stories of our hearts, mind and bodies.

Our lives.

This is why we run.



  • Jane


    Mother and lover of political incorrectness, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Anaesthetics. Enthusiastic amateur wine connoisseur, who - despite a few miles on the clock - still doesn't consider herself a runner. She was a fat kid.

  • Lisa


    Lisa studies outer space for a living and runs for fun. Fuelled by spinach curries, her ambition is to be the first Essex girl on the moon.

  • Martin


    Martin is a scientist, ultramarathon runner, husband, father, and avid cook aspiring to balance mind, body and spirit in his daily life.

  • Martin Pluss

    Martin Pluss

    It's all about running and life. Martin or @plu is a social runner, teaches Geography, helps students and teachers use technology to enhance learning and loves learning through social media.

  • Ray


    Involved daily in teaching and practising family law to help those in need. And de-stressing with running as often and as long possible.

  • Sue


    Maker of factual stuff for the web and broadcast. I’m an academic, a writer, a runner, a mother and laundress. I curse like a sailor.

  • Tim


    Writer, poet, daydreamer, movie star, computer gamer, dad to Adam. I try to work as little as possible, to allow time to either hang out with my son or nap in the afternoon sun. I have sometimes been known to run a really long way.

  • Zac


    My passion is learning; mostly through running, the outdoors, reading, spending time with people and writing - but they're good ends in themselves too!